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There is an absurd number of problems with Madden Ultimate Team at the moment and many have not even been acknowledged by EA. This post is attempt to bring all the issues to one place and ensure that they are hopefully seen: House Rules rewards rewarding the wrong reward or not rewarding anything at all. The daily tracker is missing since launch.

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Are these Alternate Offense Madden AFC/NFC playbooks any good? I've been contemplating giving them a try but haven't seen anything about them. The NFC one is pretty good, the AFC one is basically the west coast playbook from last year. AFC one is a mix of West coast and run heavy—has no shotgun formations which is sorta lame.It should say get kick return touchdowns if that is the only way I'm supposed to get it. It's probably counting it as defensive. I haven't done it in champs but 2 prs and 1 kr worked for me in Solo Battles no problem. I already got 1 kick return but I need another. My 85 speed Kadarius Toney got caught on a kickoff by 83 speed Jalen ...36 votes, 40 comments. 122K subscribers in the MaddenUltimateTeam community. An informational subreddit about the game mode Madden Ultimate Team…Trade for Crap: This is a two step process and is also the process I use to finish the sell and buy method and move players from my farm to main. Step 1: Friend your farm account and main account together so you can sort the trade block by friends only. Step 2: On your main account, list a crappy item for trade (I recommend something unique so ...

1. Honest-Ad-4723 • 8 days ago. yea no doubt🤣 like way to start it off with a bang. 2. solid1987 • 8 days ago. Intentional bro because somehow they were able to get YouTube players and early players of the games their RPs and Hutchinson. 4. canadianbrandon • 8 days ago. We are off to a hot start to 24!

6_7man • 1 yr. ago. I've done everything, even contact EAhelp and no use, any type of game play in Madden 23, after a while screen will turn green and the Xbox shuts itself off. Does not happen with any other title. I have only made it through one game. 2. Death2Zombees • 6 mo. ago. Njzgoat23 • 10 mo. ago. been happening on madden since ...

1. Honest-Ad-4723 • 8 days ago. yea no doubt🤣 like way to start it off with a bang. 2. solid1987 • 8 days ago. Intentional bro because somehow they were able to get YouTube players and early players of the games their RPs and Hutchinson. 4. canadianbrandon • 8 days ago. We are off to a hot start to 24!Best Run stuffing and pass rushing Defensive Tackles. Hey Guys thought I'd look at the opposite side of the ball for a change and focus on the defensive linemen. Now this will be the first post, the defensive tackles, and the main takeaway is that the 3-4 nose tackles; Vea, Big Baby (Brandon Williams), Linval Joseph are going to have the best ...i believe one of the fred taylor legend solos is good for field goals. 1. McCullersGuy • 2 mo. ago. Solo battles on rookie work too. Kickoff, hit stick, fumble, make FG. 1. JCSledge • 2 mo. ago. So I did the first headliners forge challenge where you had to run for 10 yards against a rookie cpu. Throw a bomb, go out of bounds, kick the fg.The big sets are Crabtree and Derrick Johnson…. Crabtree is fast so he's prob gonna sell for a decent amount for a while. And in the sets, the 5 87 overall players you put in will come back to you being account bound. This will make it like your paying way less for 5 87 overall players (3 of which are Vikings) Also wait for Moss because if ...What’s crazy is I think my Jordan Whitehead has +11 strength because of all the team chems. I run a 50/50 Ravens so that’s +2, then have a rare Strategy card on him (run defender I believe) which gives another +1. Then Saffold, Suh and Sanders combined with TD Allen, Wycheck, Andre, and a few others add another 8 total teams to the mix at 5 ...

This game is so buggy it's ridiculous. 1. jogabonita12 • 1 yr. ago. I stopped playing for 2 hours and logged back in and got like 6 different rewards. I've played buggy games but this has been really bad. 2.

Pats playbook is the most unique in the entire game. Trips TE, U Trips, Ace Slot Offset, Doubles, Doubles Flex Pats, Strong Slot, Weak Close, Dice Slot and Bunch Ace all have incredible plays and mini schemes. 8. lt-archie_hicox • 2 yr. ago. not sure if it's Meta but I've been enjoying the Jets offensive playbooks. Some fun plays and ...

Get upfield about 4-5 yards and then smash the sprint button. Your speed should outmatch LBs and hopefully DBs can't tackle you. Same concept as real life football. Bust through the line, and with an ideal RB your speed should outmatch the LBs and you should be big enough to smash through small but speedy DBs. 5.yea you also gotta add some zones out there to cover the flats or zones where you know he tends to throw to. If you run a cover 1 and send three rushers and put one person in a curl flat and user ur deep zone safety you might get some more success. 2. Reply. Bwuk_lm_Pb • 3 yr. ago. I feel ya buddy.Update on Xbox bug Ig it's just affecting Xbox users. I never complain about Madden gameplay. Like I get it's a video game and wonky things happen. But holy shit. Not being able to play this game every so often when I log in is annoying as shit. And there is no offline things to do in MUT when you're caught up on challenges.EA may have intel on Walter Payton man of the year or offensive player of the year for Kelce and want to give Adams fantasy player of the year. So instead of giving one here they will give both nfl honors. God you must have the patience of a temple monk. EA forgot Davante Adams and that's why you are 5 stars short.7. ask_dave • 21 days ago. We are aware of users experiencing difficulty connecting to Ultimate Team. Rest assured our team is monitoring the situation. We will update this thread as we learn more. No apology. In fact they imply it's the users having the difficulty. It's "difficult" to connect. They will learn more.Definitely outside runs and quick passes to the flats, as everyone has mentioned already. I've had plenty of success running stretch out of I-form pro against them and having elite route specialist on ricky to set him on a table route at will is great for countering a 5-2 pinch defense. cush2push • Man Coverage Isn't A Scheme. • 5 yr. ago.

It doesnt show in this SS but each one unlocks at a different "Team Captains - Level." Which would be pretty wild. Gore at 2, Mawae at 4, Barber at 6, and Berry at 8 (Sorry about the watermarks just easier that way for me to add all four.) *also the Captains max out at 85 ovr currently! 14. Most importantly a reminder that while these stats are low so are the block shedding stats for corner backs. You don't need 99 run blocking when the best block shedding CB, Rod Woodson, is at 68.32. Most Corners are in the high fifties, low 60s and most safeties are still in the mid 60s. Plus two of the top 8 run blockers are literally free ...What you need to do is contact ea support and have them call you - 99.9% of the chat support people don’t want to bother with this because they have to wait for a ‘specialist’ to delete the persona (this took ~10 minutes of waiting on the phone while the rep was waiting for a specialist to become available).Pc solo battles, cheating allowed by ea. Third week in a row that cheaters are allowed to ruin this mode. Last week 25 people in the top 100 recorded more than 13 games, this week it is 26, including 24 out of the top 25. This is also the third week where this cost me my place in the top 100. So far no word by ea on any of their many many ...Bongaloid75 • 3 yr. ago. All I've used is Pass Balanced: It doesn't have too many pure QB runs with lead blockers like the ravens, but it has a significant amount of read options, one or 2 shovel options, and decent passing formations. -Gun Ace Slot Offset has been popular all year for having decent protection and built in corner routes.I'm in lockdown (Tweed Heads, NSW). Only At level 18. Played so many H2H seasons and finished all my champs games in 24 hours. I've found the quickest way to level up squad battles but that's just the least fun engaging way to play. Gg for grinding so hard. Additional comment actions. Additional comment actions.

PSA* Post Update: Xbox randomly shutting off while Playing Madden 22. I posted last week about the Xbox one series x randomly crashing while playing Madden 22. I had a hunch and asked everyone who commented saying they were having the same issue, if they were using a tv or monitor. Everyone who replied was playing on a TV.

So lately, I have completely revamped my offense by, for the first time since starting to play madden (I think it was Madden 04 with Vick on the cover) I have actually chosen an offensive formation and then my respective play.Don’t know if it’ll change on this years game, but last year for the comp pass I believe you got credit for winning X amount of solo battles on veteran difficulty or higher. So, I rushed for 170 and 210 yards in two of the Solo Battles for the 150 rush TD plus daily objective, and it didn’t award the obj either time… any thoughts or is ...They should bring back the rewards for Solo Battles and MUT Champs separate from the field pass. Idk why they tied all that into the comp pass when they could easily just have Season Field Pass progress be one of the rewards included in Solo Battles/Champs. If they don't do that, then take away the need to win for certain stats to count.Yes they are different things, more on that in a minute. So the equation is this for run block wins: 60% rating, 22.5% Strength, 17.5% Weight. Where that gets even more interesting is the weight formula isn't just how heavy they are, but rather how heavy they are to get the percentage of the full rating. at 260lbs it's 60% of the full value. At ...Historically, the boosts will stack but not the number that determines which tier of boost you get, if that makes sense. So if you both have 50 chargers, your chargers players will get +2 speed from your lineup and an additional +2 from your teammate. If you both have 25 chargers, it will not give you 50 chargers boost, you'll get the 25 ...Mut squads (spooky squads) not working for me and my teamate : r/MaddenUltimateTeam. r/MaddenUltimateTeam • 2 hr. ago. by Financial_Rate_3598. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit.I could see a Minkah and Trent Williams for sure. Some guys I could also see getting an upgrade: Davante, Kamara, Jaire, Trevon Diggs, Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, DeForest Buckner, Justin Jefferson, Mahomes, T.J. Watt. I know all of them won't this week, but I'd bet on at least a few of them getting a card. You should be fine running what mentioned then. User the MLB that's supposed to rush and sprint through the open hole. Offense might work around it, but it will be tough. Also make sure to press Y then left stick down to press the coverage closer. 1. JRScheetz • • 3 yr. ago.

Absolutely no fucking shot Sammy Knight, an actual legendary safety, is releasing with 71 man coverage at 92 overall when you have idiots like OOP Patterson and Justin Fields with higher man coverage. Yeah unless you need the chems there are better options at safeties. some of the safeties got shafted in MCV ratings.

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I wanted to drop a quick post in here talking about Monthly MUT Champions Rewards. This was a feature introduced in a recent Title Update that will allow us to further reward you for continued MUT Champions performance in addition to your weekly rewards. A thing to note about this month in particular was the timing at which the Title Update ...1. ItsAtxm • • 3 yr. ago. I could be wrong, but I think I remember hearing that there's not thresholds for o-linemen and it's the o-line stats vs the defenders stats. For example PBPvsPWM, PBFvsFMV, RBKvsBSH, and strength and weight calculate into the equation a little bit. So the 3 you listed are the most important ones.What you need to do is contact ea support and have them call you - 99.9% of the chat support people don’t want to bother with this because they have to wait for a ‘specialist’ to delete the persona (this took ~10 minutes of waiting on the phone while the rep was waiting for a specialist to become available).Shade underneath then shade overtop (this will change your outside corners to cloud flats who will drop to 20 yards deep) Manually put an OLB, end or someone else on that side into a curl flat (set to depth of 5). Now you'll have a 5 yrd curl, a 20 yard cloud, and a deep blue all somewhat covering that side. You then adjust the depths based on ...Seems 90% of people run 3-3-5 with three safeties at sub lb on defense and one formation with 2-3 plays tops on offense (gun tight/bunch/trips, that one with the hb swing option play), but in real life that doesn't happen. Yet madden devs claim they are trying to make things more realistic.Add a Comment. mRubie • 4 yr. ago. Go into online head to head on the main menu and after that your record will be shown on the right. yeetyeetyep • 4 yr. ago. Go to h2h rankings and your record will be at the bottom. 1.2023年10月16日 ... For Cheap and Fast Madden 24 Coins, use my code " Dawg" at https://ezmut.com For Coins Giveaways Follow https://twitter.com/EZMUT1 Discord ...We're playing on thanksgiving and have won twice on thanksgiving recently and Gabe is our only card as far as I can tell :') tough scene. 1 AP Short In on Gabe is a massive win with potential 94 speed on a 50/50 after Thanksgiving. Every team playing on Thanksgiving only gets one card.7. 2 comments. Best. Add a Comment. cmacncheese26 • 3 yr. ago. Right bumper brings up the pre play commit menu. [deleted] • 3 yr. ago. Literally the only difference is rb instead of lb. 2.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Overall Info. Does anyone know when ea will release the madden 21 overalls for ultimate team?How do you play 2v2 squads against 2 other friends? : r/MaddenUltimateTeam. 1. 1 comment. Best. Add a Comment. [deleted] • 4 yr. ago. Play friends and then create a code which is your password and other friend (duo) enter this password So u guys match. 1.Update to Theme Team Boosts. You need 40/50 for a +1 speed boost and then you get the second +1 speed boost at 50/50. So 25/50 TTs are irrelevant now. 47.Instagram:https://instagram. alison robertson dhar mannmacy's blue sequin dresswichita baseball camphow to develop a communications plan It's 200 treats or the key (which the Haunted House gives ~850 total treats for an additional five games). It's worth more to go ahead and complete the Haunted House. 8. Reply. Share. mjbland05. • 5 hr. ago. Particularly the first time because you get the objective also. 3. shale geologysan ku There's some more people every year, especially since it's now next gen. Saying the market is dead is a huge exaggeration. It got rough during the last couple months (as did Xbox/PlayStation) but every card will be in the market in PC. Card quantity and price just move a little slower. 6. McCullersGuy • 1 mo. ago.What you need to do is contact ea support and have them call you - 99.9% of the chat support people don’t want to bother with this because they have to wait for a ‘specialist’ to delete the persona (this took ~10 minutes of waiting on the phone while the rep was waiting for a specialist to become available). scott pollard I logged in on my second account for the first time since S2, got my Most Feared welcome pack and immediately got 1600 MF XP. I did literally nothing. How to produce it? Literally have played nonstop since yesterday and only on level 4 season field pass and level 6 on the most feared. Wtf.I would say that I spent about $350 this year on madden packs. For a game that I spend 10-15 hours a week playing, this is approx $1 per hour to play. I could grind and spend more time on the game but I typically only play when the kids are in bed so this $300 a year may seem a lot to some but I make good money.Television. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Celebrity.